Defining SHEQ

SHEQ is an acronym for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, generally used regarding workplace SHEQ management.

SHEQ is a technical field that applies several disciplines for continuous improvement of occupational Safety, Health, Environment and Quality factors that impact on any organization. This is accomplished by developing processes, or ways of doing work, that moves programs though a structured cycle similar to the “plan-do-check-act” or PDCA cycle.

Although the management of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality was often treated as independent functions within organizations, many now look at ways to integrate legacy management systems as a way to uniformly manage.


DEUTZ DIESELPOWER's integrated SHEQ systems are based on common core elements, designed to manage and coordinate the requirements of several management control systems, such as Safety, Health, Environment or Quality.

The purpose of DEUTZ DIESELPOWER having an integrated SHEQ system is to provide clear direction and effective allocation of resources at the lowest possible cost. This helps DDP’s business functions to perform effectively together in the pursuit of our organization’s business goals.

DDP’s Integrated Management System (IMS) aims to integrate all components of our business into one coherent system so as to enable our company to achieve our organizations purpose and mission.

One of the functions of our management system is to assign and manage “ownership” of activities that make up the value chain of an organization. By including SHEQ into our integrated management system (IMS) we address most of the management commitment issues we face on a daily basis.