Careers Intro

From The Office of:

Maurice Pringle

Dear Prospective Employee,

DEUTZ DIESELPOWER (DDP) is proud to be associated with DEUTZ, the largest independent diesel engine manufacturer in the world. We have built an organization of exceptional success, and have always succeeded in business by offering customers a better way and being willing to fight in their corner. One thing has remained true - our parent company in Germany has been on the forefront of innovations and technology and has consistently delivered on the customer's and industry's requirements.

DDP strives to operate according to best practice in all spheres of its operations. We rely on the skill, dedication and enthusiasm of our employees to meet our industry challenges and build a successful business. The world has changed a great deal in the 55 years that DDP has been in business, but we have moved with the times by listening to what people want.

We strive to ensure that our people practices reflect our values and commitment to continued development and create a workplace that is dynamic, enjoyable, rewarding and encourages personal and professional growth.


Maurice Pringle

DEUTZ Dieselpower Managing Director