Operating Liquids and Additives

Because every detail contributes to your success, we offer you professional help in the selection and delivery of the best possible operating fluids and additives so that when it says DEUTZ, it really is DEUTZ.

Oil Diagnosis is the key for our high-tech lubricating oils. Optimal oil performance allows you the opportunity to increase your engine's performance and at the same time considerably prolong its life.

Oil diagnosis enables early detection of the threat of engine damage and therefore avoids machine downtimes. It also increases the operational reliability of your engine and reduces the maintenance costs.

Genuine DEUTZ oils are top class, fully synthetic operating fluids for highly charged and highly loaded diesel engines. They are of course suitable for operation all year round and offer high protection against wear and deposits even under continuous stress at full engine performance.

Our genuine DEUTZ cooling system protection is perfectly adapted to all materials installed in the DEUTZ engine and therefore reliably prevents corrosion, cavitation and freezing in all fast engines. It is free from nitrite and amines and therefore makes an important contribution to the protection of your health and our environment.

Our new fuel additive, Original DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro®, has been developed for modern diesel engines, which place high demands on their diesel. DEUTZ InSyPro®, the 2-in1, dual action additive, on the one hand, prevents deposits and adhesions, which can be caused by traces of old biodiesel, in the sensitive parts of the injection system. On the other hand, DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro® may be used as a pressure-cleaning agent to remove any deposits already present.

Increase the availability of your equipment and reduce costs by using DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro® regularly.

If you have any questions to Lubricants, releases or Safety Data Sheets please contact us under lubricants.de@deutz.com.