Company History

DEUTZ is taking a look back at a proud time in history. It was 150 years ago that Nicolaus August Otto and Eugen Langen started "N.A. Otto & Cie.", the world's first engine factory – and the progenitor of today's DEUTZ AG. From a small workshop with a handful of employees in the old town of Cologne, there developed an enterprise with strong partners and a globally pre-eminent position in engine technology. Today, DEUTZ employs 4,000 people, and is represented in 130 countries on every continent. 150 years ago, Otto and Langen laid the foundation stone for the motorization of the world, and a freedom of movement without which our modern way of life would be inconceivable. The year 1864 marked the start of a long and dramatic history filled with milestones of significance not only for DEUTZ.