Our employees commit to the following core values:

Customer Commitment

  • Seeks to truly understand customer expectations and needs through intelligent questioning and clarification
  • Helps to align internal teams to ensure customer expectations are met
  • Displays integrity and respect when interacting with the customer
  • Establishes and builds lasting customer relationships
  • Communicates effectively and always strives to keep customer informed
  • Takes ownership of customer related concerns and problems and ensures their resolution
  • Goes the extra mile to exceed customer expectations while still acting within agreed contractual boundaries
  • Focuses on delivering real value add to customer not just achieving deliverables
  • Suggests and adopts ideas to improve "customer service "


  • Makes decisions that put the success of the company ahead of internal departments and personal gain
  • Enables stronger company performance through working together
  • Builds effective working relationships with colleagues in different functions or businesses in the company, that further the achievement of overall objectives
  • Openly recognises and values the contribution of others
  • Contributes knowledge by training or coaching others, and freely shares information and knowledge to make others successful
  • Uses existing expertise in DEUTZ DIESELPOWER

Professional Excellence

  • Takes pride in and accountability for own and team's work and conducts business in a professional manner
  • Does everything possible to meet goals, while maintaining high quality standards of output within budgets and deadlines, and encourages others as part of the process
  • Ensures that contribution and efforts are aligned to the company's goals and objectives
  • Invests time and effort in self-development and growth in order to improve performance
  • Shows respect for fellow colleagues by using appropriate language and tone, being punctual for meetings/conference calls and responding to messages and requests for information promptly
  • Demonstrates high ethical standards


  • Builds professional relationships with colleagues, partners and customers
  • Treats colleagues, partners and customer with respect
  • Demonstrates integrity, honesty and reliability towards colleagues, partners and customers


  • Takes the initiative by being proactive rather than reactive
  • Actively encourages others to use initiative to improve performance
  • Looks for and works at creative ways to solve problems
  • Identifies new ways to work to improve performance