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Well equipped for the future

Today, the greatest challenge that our industry faces is the implementation of exhaust emission legislation. Since 1996, Europe and the US have been introducing regulations that systematically reduce the amounts of pollutants in the exhausts of diesel engines used in nonroad applications. Air pollutants resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels are responsible for a number of adverse environmental effects such as acid rain (resulting in the death of forests), smog and the greenhouse gases associated with the global warming of the earth’s climate.

DEUTZ Natural Fuel Engine

DEUTZ engines for operation with bio-fuels

DEUTZ TCD 2012 and 2013 series engines now available also for operation with rape oil.

At Agritechnica 2007 in Hanover DEUTZ AG, Cologne, will exhibit in addition to its comprehensive engine range for agricultural applications, the innovative engines for operation with the bio-fuels rape oil methyl ester (RME) according to DIN EN 14214. As bio-fuels used for agricultural applications are not subject to any mineral oil tax in Germany, these engines offer considerable economical benefits to the end user. For the time being, DEUTZ is with the series 2012 and 2013 the only manufacturer worldwide who can offer engines for operation with 100 percent bio-diesel – i.e. for B 100. It is a matter of course that these engines comply with the legally mandatory exhaust emission limits of stages 3, when operating on bio-diesel. They feature the same reliability and durability as the versions operated with diesel fuel. As a consequence the end user enjoys the same warranty commitments of the engine manufacturer.

For operation with crude rape oil according to DIN V 51605 the engines of the 2012 and 2013 series have been further developed and equipped with the patented DEUTZ Fuel Management®. With these new DEUTZ Natural Fuel Engines®, the company once again underlines its leading position concerning the development of equipment diesel engines.
Major modules which are essential for operation of the engines with rape oil are the DEUTZ common rail technology DCR® and an electronic engine control system. The latter controls the entire combustion process, ensures low emissions during engine start and low-load operation and also optimizes all parameters to minimize fuel ingress into the lube oil.

As regards engine servicing, the concept for the rape oil engines is fully based on the experience gained with the concept of the RME-engines. As the DEUTZ Natural Fuel Engines® are a genuine DEUTZ product the full warranty commitments of the manufacturer apply here as well. For years, DEUTZ has been developing technical concepts and making them fit for series production, which today and in future will allow the use of alternative fuels in diesel engines.
DEUTZ engines are thus in compliance with an ecologically and economically optimized concept for operation with alternative fuels. On the one hand, primary energy can thus be saved and to the same extent CO2-emissions reduced, and on the other operating costs can be cut down.

DEUTZ Fuel Management

An important module for rape oil operation is the DEUTZ Fuel Management®

This system consists of a fuel control fully integrated into the engine control system and a dual-tank system with automatic switchover from diesel fuel to rape oil and vice versa. Furthermore, this system includes a fuel pre-heater for the rape oil circuit to ensure reliable operation at low temperatures. The dual-tank system is required as the engines are started with diesel fuel and run on this fuel under low-load conditions in order to optimize emissions.