Development of Emission Standards until 2014

Nox have to be reduced by 95.7 % Particle emissions have to be reduced by 96.5 %

Compliance with emissions legislation and new standards requires substantial R and D spend and know-how Both the costs of implementing the required technology and the timing of when new standards come into effect put substantial strain on engine manufacturers DEUTZ is at the forefront of emission reduction technology on the basis of internal and external systems
US Tier 1
EU Stage I
75 - 103kw
US Tier 2
EU Stage II
75 - 103kw
US Tier 3
EU Stage III A
75 - 103kw
US Tier 4 i
EU Stage III B
75 - 103kw
US Tier 4
EU Stage IV
75 - 103kw
NOx (+ HC) [g/kWh] Particle [g/kWh]

Manufacturers not able to fund the necessary developments will have to exit the market over the medium-term