Cooling System Conditioner


All liquid-cooled engines need an effective coolant additive in order to ensure safe long- term engine function.

The use of unsuitable cooling system conditioners often results in leaks in the cooling system caused by corrosion and incompatibility with sealing materials, as well as pitting in aluminium components and flocculation which clogs and blocks the coolant channels.

These defects could cause the engine to overheat, resulting in serious damage.

Original cooling system conditioner

  • Is perfectly adapted for all the materials of a DEUTZ engine
  • Provides reliable protection from corrosion, pitting and freezing for all engines
  • Is low-maintenance
  • Only needs to be replaced once every two years
  • Does not contain nitrite or amines
  • Helps to protect your health and the environment

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Flyer Cooling System Conditioner

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