New Engine Spares

DEUTZ DIESELPOWER’s strength is its commitment to hold sufficient stock, covering all engine models to continually meet our targets of a 90% availably service rate, at first pick.

Spare parts stock is held throughout DEUTZ DIESELPOWER’s branch network and managed as part of the branches performance KPI’s to ensure that sufficient stock is held, linked to regional demand and meets, or exceeds our 90% availability service rate.

DEUTZ DIESELPOWER currently holds approximately, on average, 4 months stock linked to its sales, ensuring that at all times the correct stock is held in the right region to support our valued clients.

Additional key strengths in our stock management include:

  • Manage 24,600 line items
  • All new spare parts are sold on a fixed national price base linked to the customer's account
  • All new parts are categorized into key market driven sales codes which pre-determines and secures fixed market pricing structures to identify and market service parts, mandatory repair, break down parts and major high priced engine components. This ensures that DDP’s after market price base is flexible and market related
  • All parts are managed through a specially developed stocking programme, demand requirement planning (DRP), which categorises each part through sales and demand by month, linked to a pre-determined safety stock with minimum and maximum levels all linked to regional and consolidated to national demand
  • To optimise our stocks levels DDP forward orders 70% of it’s monthly stock requirement covering the next 12 months thus ensuring that resources are used optimally to manage only critical break downs and the remaining 30%
  • Special pre stocking programmes for new engine models which ensure sufficient stock holding to support new models in the field before stock holding through demand can kick in
  • All stock older than 3 years is returned to DEUTZ AG Germany and replaced with additional fast and new engine model spares
  • Back order parts are managed through a dedicated purchasing channel to ensure quick restocking
  • Optimised logistics system to ensure that all parts are picked and delivered to the customer in the shortest possible time ensuring delivery compliance, managed through key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • All spare parts are ordered directly into DEUTZ AG Germany requiring optimal order processing and shipping, with full progress reporting and escalation
  • Only DEUTZ DIESELPOWER used the copyrighted DEUTZ SERPIC (Service via picture) to ensure that all DEUTZ parts are 100% up to date and stocked according to engine serial number and model